‘The Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan’  by Freya & Martin Boedicker
ISBN 978158394263.

‘Looking for the Golden Needle – an allegorical journey’ by Gerda Gedes
ISBN 1 872606 01 6 (This is out of print but you might find a second hand copy).

‘Dancer in the light – the life of Gerda Gedes’ by Frank Woods
ISBN 9780955918100

‘Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu’ translated by Sam Hamill
ISBN 978-1-59030-387-0 Shambhala Publications.

‘The Art of War Sun Tzu’ translated by Thomas Cleary
ISBN 1-59030-185-4  Shambhala Publications.

‘T’ai Chi as a path of wisdom’ by linda Myoki Lehrhaupt
ISBN 9781570624452

‘Embrace Tiger, return to Mountain – the essence of T’ai Chi’ by Al Chung-liang Huang