“A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”

“The teacher is very competent, experienced and very helpful, ready to correct mistakes but also to encourage and give suggestions. Her deep knowledge of T’ai chi is what makes her classes so involving.”– JS

“Energy, relaxation, mood enhancer, improved breathing, a sense of calm. I am enjoying the way T’ai Chi continues to evolve, and the dedication and patience in the way it’s being taught.” — GL

“Pat is a serious T’ai Chi practitioner with a deep knowledge of the philosophy underpinning T’ai Chi. If you want a superficial approach, this is not for you. I feel so lucky to have found this class – you learn the techniques correctly, which means that you strengthen your muscles and joints and avoid twisting, straining and injuries.” —JD

“We find it grounds us and gives us each a better awareness of our own life force and how we use our bodies. T’ai Chi significantly assists me with my balance and body awareness. The classes succeed in giving a deeper understanding of T’ai chi and its principles after first teaching the form at an introductory level. Pat puts a strong emphasis on helping her students develop the ability to express and focus their ‘intention’ and to follow their inner core without being distracted by active thoughts.” — JW and PW

“Benefits: Improved balance, flexibility and well-being. Teaching: Supportive and carefully planned.”— AP

“I feel that doing Tai Chi definitely helps keep all my bodybetter toned as I age. Learning and remembering new movements is also goodfor my brain. After a class I feel relaxed.” — BP

“I expected that TC would improve my balance, which it does, but the main benifit for me is the sense of calm that it brings. Also helping me cope with stresses of work. I have also found recently that I can turn around easily in tight spaces!The classes are all very friendly and relaxed. I tend to take life a bit too seriously and Pat helps me find physical as well as mental balance.” — CJ

“I have benefitted most from Pat’s T’ai Chi classes by improving my ability to focus my mind and improve my breathing which in turn has enabled me to reduce stress and maintain a healthier blood pressure. I enjoy attending Pat’s workshops when time allows as they reinforce and consolidate my understanding and practice of T’ai Chi outside of the class. Pat emphasises the importance of practice and regularly reviews all aspects of the form, which is always beneficial. I also enjoy the aura of calm that is present when a group of us practice the form together.” — JJ

“I find that T’ai Chi is a great way to relax and to calm my mind from the pressures of family life. The classes are fun, engaging and I have made some good friends.” — KN

“T’ai Chi benefits all ages from improving balance, helping stress levels and keeping blood pressure lower. All the classes at different levels are friendly and informative.” —CO

“T’ai Chi is relaxing and challenging all at the same time! It’s a lot, lot more than just a series of movements. Pat is a very thorough teacher; I wouldn’t want to learn from anyone else.” — LR

“I enjoy the class environment. Helps ease stiffness – maintains general fitness. Very good sensible easy-to-follow instructions. Promotes a friendly atmosphere all round.” — SB

“Have only started recently but have found it an enjoyable activity that really promotes calmness through focussing on the movements. Also appears to be helping the stiffness and pain in my calves and ankles. Pat is very patient and good humoured and the other participants have been friendly and welcoming. It is however, harder than it looks!” — JM

“It encourages a more relaxed state of mind. Class is relaxed and friendly and teaching thoughtful and thorough.” ­— JB

“A particular benefit for me was that it improved my sense of balance. The classes are small giving the possibility of more individual attention. The teaching is interesting because it shows the relationship between the movements and how they relate to self defence. “— AJ

“I find it grounding and peaceful. I am less tense on my shoulders and neck and have noticed an ability to realise this in everyday life not just in class. Teaching is relaxed but informative. ” — JK

“Benefits are … calming of mind chatter … much greater body awareness. Class teaching … challenging but brings a warm feeling of connection. ” — CS

“Firstly it makes you think about your body and how you use and appreciate it. Standing without putting pressure on our knees, not always easy but very important. The aim of taking these classes was to improve our sleeping patterns, which is a work in progress. Learning how to relax, for some people comes naturally but for others it remains very elusive, we are hoping learning to relax properly will remove much of our stress and relieve tension which builds up over time. The classes are very personal and very informative, with Pat guiding every pupils movements, encouraging and explaining how and why we stand and move in certain ways. We would recommend Pat’s classes to anyone who wants to learn a fresh and different way of improving your health and wellbeing. “— GH & JH

“The benefit of T’ai Chi, which I have been learning since 2005, has helped with keeping my blood pressure down. Keeping my joints flexible. Once you have started to learn the movements you will start to gradually calm your mind. As time goes by this helps you to rethink in everyday life and to put the learning of T’ai Chi in prospective. The class is very calming and teaching is excellent. “— SN.

“I find the small class friendly and supportive. Benefit from the slower movements now and on a good day I feel I am progressing! Great help to be able to regain stability following surgery. “— KH

“After many years of mobility issues, I have regained my balance and strengthened the bone density in my leg bones. I have also improved my concentration and my ability to relax. As an unexpected bonus, I have made some wonderful friendships. I really look forward to our weekly class. Pat is thorough in our understanding of the T’ai Chi principles, and is always ready to patiently go over and over moves when we feel unsure.” — MH

“It teaches me to stop and calm down with deep breath, in the day-to-day moment. Looks easy but once I learn and see myself in the mirror at home, I can see the difference from how the teacher looks, even for the ever so small movement. Very interesting to learn the subtle background thoughts and the reason as we go along.”— RA

“I gain a sense of calm, peace and relaxation. I have developed an awareness of my body and parts of my body which I had never appreciated before. Pat explains things very well and is able to use non-technical language to help her students gain an understanding. Most of our class has been together for a number of years, so we have developed a common bond and friendship, which is enhanced through residential courses together.” ­— RW

“T’ai Chi has become part of my life. When life’s little irritations can seem just too much I have learnt how to put my T’ai Chi training into my recovery plan. Breath, Grounding and protecting my space. I look forward to my class time as an opportunity to continue to learn with like minded friends, or “polish the marble” as Pat reminds us. Pat is firm but fair and encourages me to to reach my full potential.” — LG

Feedback on our weekend workshops

“I have been attending CATS for over 10 years and find that the practice of T’ai Chi helps me retain flexibility and balance while giving me a sense of calm and groundedness in myself. I particularly value the opportunity to attend workshops which help me gain a better understanding of the principles of T’ai Chi.”



“I attend Pat’s Tuesday class of Tai, which I thoroughly enjoy, but I also go along to the ‘workshops’ too.  I find them very useful, it helps me remember what I have learned in the class but Pat also explains how T’ai Chi works in our daily lives, which is very useful.  It is a way of getting to know the people who are in the other classes and it is a very pleasant way to spend a morning and sometimes part of the afternoon too. I have also read over a period of time the books she has recommended, again interesting and useful.”


“I have been attending CATS classes for about 7 years. I realise that I am constantly learning new aspects of the Yang long form and that I am only gradually absorbing the full depth of the principles of T’ai Chi, so I expect to get new benefits from classes and workshops for a long time to come. I enjoy the Qigong practice at the start of each class to achieve calm and practice the T’ai chi principles.”

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